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Filter Your Water With Charcoal

You guys know I am a big fan of activated charcoal, you can read all about it here. I make detoxifying recipes with it, take it for bloating and put it on my face. So naturally, when I discovered there was a charcoal water filter, I was on board.

Bamboo charcoal sticks have been used in Japan for thousands of years as a way to purify water from harmful toxins. It is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, meaning these get infused into your water too. Even better, once it is activated, it adsorbs harmful toxins like lead and mercury. Yes, adsorbs, meaning it is drawn to the surface of the stick while not actually absorbing it.

I also love using a charcoal water filter because:

Energy Boosting.

By getting rid of the toxins in the water and the added minerals to the water, it acts as a filtration system for your body. Fewer toxins feeding in your body means more energy.


The properties of the charcoal are released into the water meaning it will cleanse your system as it moves through reducing bloating.

Free of plastic.

Unlike a lot of other water filters, this one has no plastic, meaning none are getting into your water.

They are also super easy to use. Once you get it, you activate it by boiling it in water for 5 minutes and letting it dry for 20 minutes after that. Then it is good to go! You can place it in a pitcher or your water bottle to let the process begin, the longer the better. This is the one I use.

After 1 hour: good

After 4 hours: better

After 8 hours: great

I like to stick it in water before I go to bed and then I am good to go in the morning. For maintenance, repeat the boiling process it once every month.

Have you tried charcoal water filter sticks before?



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