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The glow membership is a high level 6 month experience with me for those who desire to rewire their nervous system so that they glow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & financially.
It includes all programs, masterclasses + experiences during our time together, as well as anything NEW I release.
Plus, there will be programs that are offered EXCLUSIVELY to those inside Glow. Meaning only those inside Glow will get access.
It’s time to glow: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & financially.  

This is not just a membership where you have access to everything. This is a place to call home. An immersive experience that will transform your health, relationships, money, mindset, wealth & more.

This is about making the commitment to yourself to let this be the year you go from survival mode to thrival mode in all areas of life. 
To go ALL IN for you & your nervous system. 
Glow-membership-d (1).jpg
Your nervous system will be SOLID. 
A solid nervous system isn’t optional, it’s required. 
  • ALL signature programs: Safety, Goddess Activation, Power, Wealth Recode, Unwavering, Land The Man 
  • ALL masterclasses: Regulate, Attached, Best Year Ever, Momentum, Meant For More & No Matter What
  • Sacred Codes Library of Activations
  • ALL NEW offers & experiences
  • Exclusive programs and experiences for members of Glow
The total value if you were to purchase everything separately is over $12K. This doesn’t include any NEW offers & experiences either. 
Access begins from the date of your purchase. 
During pre-sale ONLY those who pay in full receive a 30 minute 1:1 call.

You are in EVERYTHING. 
There is no lack, no wondering, you get to receive it ALL.

The reason I am where I am today is because of my nervous system. And I make the moves to do so. 
And if you think this is some boring nervous system work, nope- we are making healing your nervous system FUN
This is the most extraordinary nervous system experience online 
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