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Liv your best and most abundant life


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Meet Liv

Hi I'm Liv

Liv is a naturopathic doctor, 7D healer, psychic, intuitive, trauma healer and so much more. She helps you heal on a physical and emotional level so that you can feel delicious in your body and step into your abundant AF life. 

After passionately sharing her recipes over the years, she has seen how much food is medicine and how much food can heal. All her recipes are meant to be not only delicious but good for you too. Because you don;t have to choose. Plus, they are all gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. 


Going beyond that she now bridges somatic emotional trauma work with recoding the nervous system in order to step into full health. This is the missing puzzle piece when healing with food and herbs has only taken you so far. 


Health isn’t just about eating clean and moving your body. It’s about a lot more than that.


It is about your feminine energy, your mindset, your emotions, your experiences that have brought you to where you are today that shape who you are and how your body responds to what’s around you. 


And it is only when you bring together the aspects of physical health with the emotional and activating your feminine energy that you truly have health.


“I finally feel like everything is just working, like I used eat healthy and workout but now its actually working. I don’t get any pains in my body anymore, all of that emotional release let it go.

This is finally the healthiest I’ve been. I was holding on to so much weight even though I was eating healthy and working out and now I’m not. I don’t overthink anymore either.

The work is worth it and I’ll continue to do the work”

- Lucy

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Liv Well


Reset Your Nervous System with this Quantum Reprogramming Track

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