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Boost Your Energy Without Coffee!

If you wake up feeling tired or are suffering from that afternoon slump, you are not alone. Most of us report feelings of low energy at one time or another, so here are some ways that you can boost your energy without coffee and start feeling more energized—right now.


Diffusing blends of peppermint, rosemary or lemon is great for waking up your mind and clearing brain fog. The menthol in peppermint stimulates the hippocampus of the brain which influences your mental clarity and focus.

Stay hydrated.

After all, our body is mostly water. In order to have energy and a clear mind, we need to make sure we stay well hydrated. Make sure to add in extra water if you have been drinking any caffeinated beverages, like coffee or tea, because they are dehydrating.

Get moving.

It boosts circulation, getting the blood flowing. Try going for an afternoon walk, even 10 minutes will do. In fact, studies have shown that a small amount of exercise provided more of an energy boost than 50mg of caffeine- which is about the amount in a shot of espresso or 4oz of brewed coffee.

Skip the sugar.

Sugar basically robs you of energy, sure you get that initial sugar high, but the crash after isn’t worth it. Opt for something with protein and fat for fuel, and you will feel more sustained.

Chlorophyll water.

Adding chlorophyll drops to your water not only makes your water taste refreshing, but it will boost your energy too. It is a plant pigment that gives plants energy, thus it gives us energy. Studies have also shown this effect is stronger when we are exposed to the sun, so take that walk with your chlorophyll water outside!


You have probably heard me talk about adaptogens before, basically, they help us adapt. I have a full video here explaining all my favorites and which would be best for you. They are great to take during that afternoon slump to boost energy, or even make recipes with to enjoy as a snack.

Rooibos Tea.

Rich in antioxidants and free of tannins, rooibos tea provides an energy boost sans caffeine. It also helps circulation and tastes slightly sweet making it a crowd pleaser.


If you are feeling tired you might be low in B12. It is one of the b vitamins that helps to convert the food you to eat to fuel. It might be worth getting tested to see if you are low in this vitamin, and there are supplements or shots you can take to easily fix it!

What are your top tips to boost energy levels? Comment below!




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