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Sweet Potato Breakfast Boat (Gluten Free + Paleo)

I love breakfast, and I love sweet potatoes, so this pairing comes naturally. A sweet potato breakfast boat. I was looking for something that would keep me full and was super yummy, while still being packed full of nutrients. Enter the sweet potato breakfast boat. Now to be honest, I have been eating this pairing for years. People would think I was crazy putting either almond butter or peanut butter on my sweet potato but when I make them try it, they LOVE it.

Its actually hard to believe something that tastes so good is actually so good for you.

What You’ll Need

Sweet Potato. These guys are full of fiber and have large amounts of Vitamin B6. They are also rich in beta-carotene (which is what makes it orange) and helps to improve blood sugar regulation because it is a complex carbohydrate.

Almond Butter. Full of healthy fats almond butter will help keep you fuller, longer. Almonds also help to boost energy while helping regulate blood pressure and aid weight loss. Plus it’s good enough to eat with a spoon.

Banana. Loaded with potassium bananas help to maintain proper electrolyte balance, hence why runners are known for eating them, and helps add sweetness with natural sugars.

Chia seeds. I’ve talked about chia seeds many times, if you want to know more check out my post here. But basically they are full of omega-3’s and help keep you fuller, longer.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Boat

Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

50 mins

Total Time

55 mins

Servings: 1


  1. 1 sweet potato

  2. 1/2 banana

  3. 1 tbsp almond butter

  4. 1 tbsp chia seeds


Prick Sweet potato with a fork.

Bake at 400F for 50 minutes.

Slice down the center and mash down sides with a fork.

Add almond butter, allowing it to melt.

Top with banana and chia seeds.

Have you ever made a sweet potato breakfast boat? How do you top it? Let me know in the comments.


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