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Grain Free Everything Bagel Muffins!

If I had to choose a bagel, it would be an everything bagel. I mean it has everything! Unfortunately not only are most bagels loaded with gluten, but they are high in carbohydrates and have very little fiber. These grain-free muffins are the answer. They are the perfect savory grain-free muffin and are sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning on the top.

I have been loving eating these plain with a little ghee. But they are also great as part of breakfast with egg and avocado. Plus, they freeze super well, so I just pop one out of the freezer when I want one.

There is something about muffins that is just so delicious. Plus, these grain-free muffins are great to take on the go as a snack. I also carry a packet of almond butter to spread on it too