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Golden Milk Pancakes

Welcome to my new favorite way to make pancakes, golden milk pancakes. Golden milk has been a big health trend for the last little while. And the star of the show, turmeric, is popping up everywhere, and for good reason. Turmeric has an active compound called curcumin which is a potent anti-inflammatory, and like I always say, inflammation is killer.

Here is a list of the other benefits of turmeric:

Boosts your brain:

  1. it protects brain cells by binding to and dissolving abnormal proteins.


  1. helps the liver do its job at detoxification.

Muscle and joint health:

  1. because it is an anti-inflammatory it is great for taking away those aches and pains.

Protects your skin:

  1. it acts as a protectant against UVA damage, meaning it keeps your skin looking young.

Now that we know why turmeric is so amazing, let us get into the golden milk pancake recipe.

Golden Milk Pancakes

Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

10 mins

Total Time

15 mins


  1. 1/4 cup coconut flour

  2. 1/8 cup tapioca flour

  3. 1/2 tsp baking soda

  4. Pinch himalayan salt

  5. 2 eggs

  6. 2 tbsp coconut oil

  7. 1/4 cup golden milk*


Mix together dry ingredients.

Mix together egg, coconut oil, and golden milk.

Add the wet to the dry and mix well.

Heat a pan to medium heat and spray with an avocado oil cooking spray as it has a high smoke point.

Scoop about 2 tbsp of batter into each pancake and cook 2-3 minutes per side.

Flip and cook for 30 seconds.

Top with coconut cream and bee pollen, or with 1/4 cup of your favorite fruit.

Recipe Notes

*I used Botanica Health Golden Milk mix, to make your own golden milk combine 1/4 tsp turmeric, dash cinnamon, pinch black pepper with 1/4 cup of hot almond or coconut milk. 

What is your favourite way to enjoy pancakes? Comment below!




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