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Foods That That Make Your Skin Glow

We all want clearer and brighter skin, and there’s nothing I love more than a healthy glow. No one wants to walk around with tired, dull looking skin. So today I am sharing with you foods that brighten your skin and give you a glow, to help your skin look it’s best and give it the nutrition it needs.

Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

Avocado. They have tons of omega fatty acids, which gives you radiant and supple skin. They also help with redness and acne because they reduce inflammation. I love making a mask with it too.

Chia Seeds. We all know how much I love chia seeds, I wrote a post here. But, the fatty acids in these little powerhouses help to soften wrinkles, heal blemishes and leave the skin soft and plump.

Sweet Potatoes. These guys are full of vitamin C which boosts collagen, and collagen is essential when it comes to firm your skin is. So load up!

Almonds. These guys pack a load of Vitamin E, which helps with sun damage and wrinkles. It basically blocks the free radicals that cause aging, so load up on these to stay young and have a healthy glow.

Watermelon. Ultra hydrating, I mean water is in the name. But it’s also a good source of lycopene which prevents against UV exposure and free radicals.

What do you do to keep your skin clear? Leave me a comment!





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