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On The Go Healthy Lunch Ideas (Paleo, Whole 30)

On the go healthy lunch ideas that are not only paleo and whole 30 approved but will leave you full and satisfied.  Plus, they taste delicious!

Eating on the go can be hard as there aren’t always the best options around. So packing yourself one of these nutritious lunches will fuel you for your day and also save you money too. These are 3 of my favs that I have been loving lately and each are packed with so much flavour.

For all my meals I try to include protein, healthy fats and fiber. This combo not only allows your blood sugar to stay stable and prevent you from getting hangry but it also nourishes your gut and helps maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

Lemon Mint Mediterranean Bowl

Lemon Mint Mediterranean Bowl


  1. 1 1/2 cups butter lettuce

  2. 1/4 cup cucumber

  3. 1/4 cup grape tomatoes

  4. 1/2 avocado

  5. 1/2 lemon

  6. 1 tbsp olive oil

  7. 4 oz protein (I used turkey meatballs)


Combine everything except the olive oil into a glass container.

Use a small glass bottle, I love reusing ginger shot bottle, to carry the olive oil.

When ready to eat squeeze the lemon on top and add the olive oil.

Egg Roll In A Bowl

This egg roll in a bowl is the perfect quick meal that you can prep in advance. It is loaded with veggies and because it is sauteed it doesn’t wilt. You can customize the protein to any you like and even add some of your extra favorite veggies!


  1. 1 1/2 cups slaw mix

  2. 1 tbsp avocado oil

  3. 1/2 tsp ground ginger

  4. 1 clove garlic

  5. 1 tbsp coconut aminos

  6. 1 tbsp green onion

  7. 1 tsp sesame seeds

  8. 1/2 cup protein (chicken etc)


Heat a pan to medium heat and add in avocado oil, ginger and garlic. Saute until fragrant.

Add in slaw mix, coconut aminos and protein of choice and saute until warm and slaw is tender.

Add sesame seeds and green onion and enjoy.

Salmon Tahini Bowl

Salmon Tahini Bowl


  1. 3/4 cup cauliflower defrosted

  2. 1/2 cup asparagus

  3. 1/2 tsp Trader Joes Umami Seasoning

  4. 1 tbsp tahini

  5. 1/2 lemon,juiced

  6. 1 piece salmon

  7. 1 tbsp avocado oil


Heat a pan to medium heat with avocado oil.

Add in asparagus and cook until tender. Remove from heat

Add salmon to pan and season with umami seasoning. Cook for 3 minutes per side.

While it is cooking add defrosted cauliflower and asparagus to bowl or glass tupperware.

Add the cooked salmon on top.

Combine tahini and lemon juice for a quick sauce, drizzle on top.

If you try these be sure to tag me on Instagram, @keepupwitliv, so I can see and share them!


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