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Healthy Snack Ideas that are Full of Fiber

I tend to be an all or nothing type of person, so when I love something…I really LOVE it. And my newest obsession are these gluten-free crispbreads from Trader Joe’s. They gave me the perfect healthy snack ideas to use as a base for my healthy recipes! Keep reading below to see why these crispbreads make the perfect healthy snack idea!


Fiber, Fiber, Fiber. I can’t say it enough. These little babies are loaded with fiber. They also have a great net carb ratio, only 3g! (Carbohydrates – fiber = net carb weight).

But why is fiber so great?

Benefits of Fiber

Aids Digestion

Fiber helps to speed up the time for food to move through your digestive system, which helps issues like constipation. It also gets fermented by the bacteria in your gut, which further helps digestion.

Helps your cardiovascular system

There is an inverse relationship between fiber consumption and blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. This means as one goes up, the other goes down! So the more fiber you eat, the better off you’ll be.

Keeps you full

Fiber bulks in your stomach which can help to keep you fuller longer. An added benefit is that the fiber can help with weight management.

Controls blood sugar

Fiber slows digestion, which means there isn’t such a quick release of glucose after your meal (this is a good thing). It also helps to increase insulin sensitivity (also a good thing), meaning it can help protect against insulin resistance.

Decreases inflammation

Fiber has been shown to decrease CRP levels. CRP stands for c-reactive protein and it is an inflammatory marker in your body that is a signal of systemic inflammation. And if you haven’t heard yet, inflammation is killer.

Let me show you my two current favorite toppings for these guys.

Avocado Beet

Full of healthy fats from the avocado, and some slices of candy cane beets. Beets are great because they are full of the antioxidant compound betalain, which protects our cells from oxidative damage

Tahini Cucumber

Tahini, if you didn’t know, is ground sesame seeds. It has been known in Ayurvedic medicine as “God’s gift”. It is rich in methionine, which aids liver detoxification, and is alkaline, meaning it is easy for your body to digest.

Cucumber is ultra hydrating and aids in digestion. Plus it gives the snack a crisp freshness which I love.

These crips are my favorite for these healthy snack ideas. I haven’t been able to find anything quite as incredible as these gluten-free crisps, but if you hard pressed to look for an alternative to Trader Joes, then these GG Cripsbreads would be a great alternative!

Have you tried these? What healthy snack ideas are you obsessed with right now? Let me know!

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