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10 Things To Do For Gut Health

Your gut is connected to everything. So getting our gut in a good place is key for overall health and well being. There are several things to do for gut health that will help you feel your best and ensure your gut health will be flourishing. Not sure if your gut health is optimal? Read on to see if this sounds like you

If you have any of these you might have poor gut health:


Food sensitivities

Bad breath

Brain fog

Mood swings




Skin problems

Autoimmune diseases

If these sound like you, don’t worry, I have compiled 10 things to do for gut health to help you get your gut to a happy place.


These are basically a fertilizer for your gut. They help the good bacteria in your gut thrive and act as food to help them flourish. Sources of these include onion, garlic, sweet potato, leeks, and berries. There are also prebiotic powders you can add to smoothies. I use this one and I love it because it is fermented already, meaning there won’t be any bloating.

Quit sugar

Sugar feeds bad bacteria. It is basically a buffet. So not only does it feed them, but it also helps the bad bacteria grow. Avoid sugar if you are trying to get your gut in check.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a magical elixir for your gut. It is full of amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals that help to heal your gut. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the gut and rebuilds the gut lining. I love adding a squeeze of lemon to a cup to boost the digestive benefits.


Fiber is great for your gut. It helps to feed probiotics and decreases inflammation. When microbes in your gut don’t get enough natural fiber from your food, they begin munching, yes munching on the mucus layer of your gut. This can lead to more digestive issues one of which is leaky gut.


Collagen is basically the heal and seal of the gut. It does this by helping to form connective tissue and build the lining of the gut. It has also been shown that those with poor gut health have lower than normal levels of collagen, all the more reason to load up. I add collagen to my bulletproof coffee in the morning, to baked goods, pancakes, soups, tea and more. It really is super versatile.


Fermented foods are a great way to boost the gut health of your meal. This includes things like kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha. They load up your gut with probiotics and help absorb nutrients from your gut.

Manage stress

Stress has an important role in the gut. In fact, our gut is our second brain. When we are stressed it causes a surge of inflammation in your body and your gut. It also decreases your metabolism, damages the flora in your gut and harms your immune system

Boost your water

There are a lot of little things you can add to your water to boost your gut health and aid digestion. This includes lemon, apple cider vinegar, mint, cucumber, cinnamon or ginger. These can help produce digestive enzymes, heal the GI tract and help with bloating and gas.

Avoid foods that are harmful to the gut

These foods can damage gut lining, feed bad bacteria, cause inflammation and are generally rough on the gut.





Refined Sugar


Processed Food


Consume foods that will nourish the gut

These items are specifically great for gut health (among other things as well). They help to rebuild the gut, prevent inflammation and restore gut flora.

Coconut oil.


Sweet potato.

Leafy greens.

Gut health is so important! It is connected to all parts of our body and is key for our overall health and well being.

What do you do for your gut health? Comment below.

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