Learn how to nourish your body from the inside out to look and feel your best!

Partnering with sustainable health brands to build awareness of high-quality products.

I focus on building quality partnerships with brands I truly love and believe in. As a natural health and eating expert I love being able to spread the word about brands that are helping to nourish lives and help people live a clean and healthy lifestyle. I have been collaborating with brands for over 5 years and I am always looking for great new partnerships to showcase to my audience.

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Brand Partnerships



Recipe Development

Need some delicious recipes made? If you have a product made with clean ingredients I would love to develop recipes for you. These can be made to share exclusively for your brand itself, or to share on my blog, Instagram or YouTube.

Instagram Posts and Stories

I would love to share your product in a series of instagram stories or a post. This can encompass anything from educational, recipe, how-to cooking and more.

Travel and Press Trips

As an avid traveller I love partnering with brands and showcasing their product in this fun and exciting way.

Speaking Engagements

If you have a panel or workshop and you’re looking for a health expert I would love to collaborate. This can range from leading workshops, facilitating discussions, panel sessions as well as educational series for companies.

Video Content

I have been creating video content for over 5 years and love showcasing brands in this way. It really adds an interactive element and allows the brand to shine through. This can be for YouTube, Instagram or to live on the brands own in house content.

YouTube Sponsorship

Spreading the word about great products on my YouTube is a great way to reach a large audience. It offers the potential for a longer integration of sponsored material, in an interactive way.