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Anchor in safety to live & run your business with a calm & relaxed nervous system.

I am always getting asked how to build safety in your nervous system, how to make it feel safe...

And for good reason, safety in your nervous system is the foundation for your health, relationships, wealth, business... everything.
Heal your nervous system to create safety in your body so you can live life & run your business from a calm & relaxed place.
How a lack of safety is showing up in your life:

  • You’re easily dysregulated & spend most of the day in fight or flight 

  • Constantly reacting to something outside of you which effects your business, your relationships, your parenting & your life 

  • Low grade anxiety & living in fear

  • Burnout in life & business: everything just feels draining

  • Inconsistent energy & feeling exhausted no matter how much you rest

  • Little capacity in life or business: the smallest thing sets you off  

  • Always looking for danger: “what if X happens.., what if this happens”

  • Physical symptoms like hair loss, bloating, eczema, weight, constipation, fatigue 

  • Irritability and lashing out in relationships 

  • Spending so much time trying to feel calm & relaxed 

  • Inability to feel high levels of joy & bliss daily 

  • Feeling weighed down by anxieties 

  • Poor boundaries & struggling to speak your voice 

  • Insecure in relationships making you feel anxious

  • Feeling tense, like walking on eggshells waiting for something to happen.

You no longer want to be weighed down living in dysregulation. But, despite doing all the things to try to regulate, it doesn’t stick… 
The problem? 
There is no safety in your nervous system FIRST.  
This is why your nervous system has not been able to heal. 
This is the missing piece. 
It is not enough to dunk your face in ice water in the name of regulation and hope that undoes all the trauma & repressed emotions in your nervous system. 
You need to actually rewire those experiences so your body can experience SAFETY.
I’m here to help
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  • Rewire your nervous system to dissolve the lack of safety in your body 

  • Break out of the dysregulated cycle so what others say & do wash over you

  • Expand your nervous system to exist in a calm & relaxed state 

  • Baseline feeling in your body and life be light & free so you experience more joy & bliss

This is a LIVE program full of healing, integration & a complete rewiring of how your nervous system interacts with the world. 


By bringing through those parts that have been hiding or suppressed you can heal 

We will be revealing & fully processing the wounds & emotions your conscious mind is repressing to anchor in safety.

This program is revolutionary. There is nothing quite like it. It is going to change the game when it comes to having a nervous system that feels safe.
This is perfect for you if you're desiring to experience:
  • A calm & relaxed nervous system so you’re grounded throughout the day

  • Running your business from a relaxed place & the energy of EASE

  • No longer overthinking in your business & life 

  • More presence with your kids & partner so you feel FULFILLED

  • No longer getting triggered & instead things just wash over you

  • Ecstatic joy and bliss in life because you’re no longer weighed down by anxieties

  • Baseline feeling in your body is light & free 

  • Spaciousness in life because your body just EXISTS in a regulated state

  • An overflow of energy & capacity to receive all the deliciousness of life 

  • No longer being irritable or snappy and instead just feel peace 

  • Rejuvenating sleep so you wake up rested 

  • Feeling secure in relationships in both business & life

This is the space for lasting healing so you don’t feel like you’re tired, pushing and “managing” your way through your days 
No matter whether you find yourself triggered and regularly feeling overwhelmed in life, business or relationships Safety gets to the root and anchors in a state of calm into your system.
This program will support you by dissolving the emotional trauma in your nervous system that is keeping you dysregulated & bring your system into a parasympathetic state.

The work we do inside Safety is unlike anything else out there. It works on all 3 angles of the brain simultaneously to completely rewire your nervous system & get to the root cause to dissolve it for GOOD. 


Other programs simply do 1, maybe 2 types of processing, but not all 3, and not at the same time. 


By doing all 3 types of processing we completely rewire your system.


Bottom-up: uses outside your conscious awareness to rewire your nervous system via the limbic system. Things like somatics, breathwork.


Top Down: Mind based using the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. 


Horizontal: Works across both hemispheres of the brain via bilateral stimulation.


In my world we do them ALL at the same time so that you actually rewire your nervous system. You need to work in all directions if you want to actually bring safety into your nervous system. 


This builds solid internal safety into your nervous system.

What to expect inside Safety:
  • How to break out of the wounding, trauma & conditioning that gives our body the illusion of safety 

  • Expanding your nervous system to be more resilient & hold more, so that it doesn’t get dysregulated.

  • Resolving physical symptoms like metabolism, skin, anxiety & constipation that are linked to lack of safety in the nervous system

  • Releasing the fears & lack of trust that keeps your nervous system in survival mode and always looking for “danger”

  • Being no longer triggered because your nervous system feels safe 

  • How to not only break out of survival mode, but to build a nervous system that feels safe to thrive & expand. 

  • How to anchor safety into your body so it becomes your nervous system default.

What you'll experience inside:
  • To rewire your nervous system from stuck emotions & complete the trauma cycle so you can anchor your body into a calm state

  • A life beyond just clearing your symptoms, what it would actually feel like to be in thrival mode

  • The exact processes & methods to nourish your nervous system long term, making it hard to dysregulate you

  • High level support & a safe space of guidance so that you don't have to figure it out on your own.

  • To go all in, taking responsibility for your healing because you know you are meant for more.

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