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June 2 - 4, 2023


Joshua Tree, California


3 Days

Imagine a place where you can recode and heal your nervous system and let go of all the trauma and blockages that are holding you back. 


Where we dive deep and do all the somatic and energy work to crack you open and be activated for all the love, pleasure and abundance you desire. 


The Rewire Immersion is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It brings together the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to embody and alchemize a deeper level of healing than ever before. 

This is the space is for you if you are ready to let go and alchemize what's holding you back and feel more magnetic than ever before.

This is for the woman that...

  • Wants to release the emotional trauma and blockages holding her back 

  • Desires to feel immense amounts of pleasure and abundance, where wealth is part of your DNA 

  • Feel activated and magnetic in your sensuality and who you are as a woman 

  • Knows she needs to stop people-pleasing and setting boundaries but struggles with it

  • Is tired of having “tried everything” and knows the emotional somatic work is for her 

  • Wants to recode her nervous system to fully step into that higher version of her 

  • Has been following me for a while and is ready for my magic in person ;) 

  • Knows there is past life & generational trauma that is weighing on you 

  • Is ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from a more abundant life

  • Wants to step into the vibrant AF magnetic woman she is and stop being exhausted all the damn time 

  • No longer wants to be triggered and instead become unwavering and free 

  • Desires to feel safe in her nervous system which is currently dysregulated 

  • Is craving that deep self love and to awaken her feminine energy

  • Is ready to leave behind the cycles of lack & scarcity and instead is rewired for a wealth of abundance 

  • Wants to be the one saying “Liv, you’re so magical, everything I was struggling with is gone” (yup, this is normal in my world)

Want to change your life?

DSC_3152 (1).jpg

It's like a YEARS worth of working with me condensed into 3 DAYS!

This is a revolutionary immersion that encompasses powerful next level healing to recode your body on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level. 


Where we will unpack and release limiting beliefs, trauma & programming and rewire them FOR GOOD. 


You will be lead through my magical modalities (some of which can ONLY be done in person), so that you can anchor in the new level you desire. All with the space to experience real time integration, surrounded by other incredible women calibrating to their own higher frequencies. 


When I say you will walk away from this retreat transformed and not only emitting but embodying a new frequency, I mean it. 


This will change your life.

What you'll experience

  • Powerful recode’s & healing that will shift the frequency you exist at 

  • A deep letting go of trauma and blockages that you’ve carried in your body 

  • Practical integration with high level support 

  • Opportunity to connect with other powerful women 

  • Personalized hands-on healing that will bring you to the next level 

  • Coming out feeling like the radiant magnetic women that you are, and how to embody that

joshua tree national park elopement  — Gaby J Photography copy.jpeg

This isn’t just a trauma retreat. This isn’t just journaling or lying around. This is the space where you will actually alchemize and heal deep layers of yourself to reveal the higher version of you that’s been underneath all along. 

This is the space where you will get to be EXPANDED beyond ways you thought possible. In love, wealth, health, relationships, magnetism and more. 

This immersion is it’s own frequency portal!! Get ready to enter one of the most powerful vortex’s of your life.

Client Love

“I finally feel like everything is just working, like I used to eat healthy and workout but now its actually working. I don’t get any pains in my body anymore, all of that emotional release let it go.


It’s crazy, it's all working. And since doing the emotional work I don’t bloat anymore.


This is finally the healthiest I’ve been. I was holding on to so much weight even though I was eating healthy and working out and now I’m not. I don’t overthink anymore either. I have no desire to drink, no fomo. The work is worth it and I’ll continue to do the work”


- Lucy

  • What is your background?
    After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology I went on to pursue a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. This allows me to bring together my love of food and nutrition with other natural healing modalities in order to get people feeling their best and truly living their best life.
  • How can I work with you
    I offer 1:1 consulting to tackle any of your specific health goals. We are able to work closely together to develop a tailored and strategic plan to get you feeling and looking your best. I also have a program, Well Nourished, which teaches you how to learn to nourish your body from the inside out to transform your health.
  • How can I collaborate with you?
    I love collaborating with brands and companies who are passionate about nourishing others and encouraging them to live well! Feel free to email me at
  • Can I work with you 1:1?
    Yes! I do take on a small number of 1:1 clients who are interested in working closely with me to transform their health. Head to this page to apply (LINK).
  • Do I get lifetime access to your program?
    Yes! And as I continue to add new things to the program, like recipes, videos etc, you get access to those as well. You also get access to the private Facebook group where we support each other.
  • Is this a diet?
    This is not a diet, it is not a meal plan, it is a way of living. It is about teaching you how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle long term.
  • Do you follow a strict diet?
    Truth be told, I don’t believe in labels, I believe in eating food that nourishes your body instead of harming it. That being said, all my recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free and grain free for that purpose.
  • Where do you get your kitchen supplies?
    Amazon is a great place to get not only kitchen supplies, but also pantry staples, supplements and more. Head to my shop page to check out my favourites (LINK).
  • Can I substitute ingredients?
    You can! However I am unable to guarantee if the recipe will turn out. Each recipe is developed using those ingredients and measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

REWIRE immersion starts in...

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