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Naturopathic Doctor | Coach | Healer

Well Nourished

Learn how to nourish yourself completely with Well Nourished. This 12-week program that empowers you to not only eat delicious and satisfying foods but dives in deep to ensure you are nourished mind, body and soul.


What's Included:

8 hours of live calls

Video Trainings

Community of women

Lifetime access to modules

Workbooks and PDFs

1:1 Sessions with Liv

Mind Tools

Goddess Activation

Reimagine what you know about self-love in Goddess Activation. This 4 week course teaches you how to break down barriers to help you build a stonger, sturdier foundation for loving yourself.

What's included:

4 live healing and Q&A call

Members-only Telegram Group

Lifetime access to modules

Updates in the program

Juicy Resources: tappings, meditations, PDFs

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Liv Well Bundle

Designed to get you started on your journey to a healthy and well nourished lifestyle! The bundle takes all the guesswork out of planning a healthier life.

What's included:

411 on Killing Cravings

Guide to Non-Toxic Living


Superfood Guide

Liv Well Series

Elements to a Well Nourished Life

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