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Wealth Recode

Rewiring & expanding your nervous system to be the grounded relaxed place that wealth easily flows to.


Wealth Recode is for those of you who are ready to do the deep rewiring of your nervous system when it comes to wealth. This is not affirmations, this is not just a reprogramming track, this is changing the way your brain and nervous system responds to wealth. 

The thing about wealth is that your nervous system has to feel safe to hold it, and this will happen at every level. And when you know how to expand your nervous system to hold more you are able to keep expanding.

You want to be the woman who feels like receiving large amounts of money is natural. 


That moving money is a neutral experience for you so that it can come right back with ease.


Where you are solid because you trust money to move for you 


And so you are relaxed when it comes to spending money because you are able to receive, so it replenishes quickly.

If you feel “stuck” when it comes to wealth, your nervous system may not actually feel safe to receive that higher level because of deep conditioning, trauma & programming you've picked up

The reason you’re not receiving & holding large amounts of money today is not because of your money mindset, or the latest manifestation method. The problem is how regulated you are with money. 


Your nervous system response dictates your ability to receive money 

If your nervous system is not regulated it will not be able to consistently receive & hold large amounts of money 

You can’t expand into greater levels of wealth if you are having a nervous system response around money. 


Not only will you be unable to break a glass ceiling but it will make you contractive & dippy around which then closes you off & makes you lose momentum when building wealth 

When you change the way your nervous system responds to wealth, you change your ability to receive it, hold it, grow it & flow it. 


When your nervous system is regulated with money: 

💸You no longer feel panic when you look at your bank account 

💸You no longer have low grade anxiety when you think about money

💸You don’t have a fear of it “not coming back” anytime you spend money 

💸You feel free & present in your life because money is no longer taking up so much brain space

💸When large sums of money come in, you don’t hoard & hold on tight that “it won’t last” 

💸Moving big payments no longer makes you uneasy & fearful that it won’t replenish 

💸You don’t have to spend time working on “limiting beliefs” because you’ve healed the root cause & now simply exist in receiving money 

💸You no longer are in the cycle of “just enough” 

💸No more worrying “what if it stops coming”

Your subconscious mind runs the show because it is what dictates your nervous system. It runs your nervous system response. This is important because you can use your conscious mind to do affirmations all day long, but they won’t stick if your subconscious mind is in survival when it comes to wealth, It will be like throwing spaghetti at a wall. And your subconscious runs 95% of the show.

So no wonder it's not working, you're working with the 5% when you should be working with the 95%


When you recode your nervous system, you become a clear channel through which you receive money & create wealth with ease. It literally becomes the natural state of how you exist. 


You are just grounded, relaxed & vibing on life. And that’s a place money wants to flow to.



  • Finally feeling like receiving money & wealth feels natural to you 

  • Existing in the frequency of overflow. More than enough, always.

  • Breaking through upper limits & glass ceilings so you are no longer in the same cycle with money 

  • Feeling free in receiving wealth & flowing it, without the fear of it not coming back

  • Expanding your nervous system to be the portal through which money wants to flow to

  • Being the one leading money, instead of living in a reactive & dysregulated state

  • Finally being able to see yourself as someone is a match for wealth vs being weighed down by stories that it’s possible for someone else but not you 


This is the only program that infuses quantum healing, nervous system rewiring & frequency energetics to create the space for you to receive and anchor you into the infinite wealth available to you.

In Wealth Recode we get down to the root cause of the rollercoaster money pattern by healing your nervous system so that subconsciously your brain & body are on board with receiving and holding more money- allowing you to build wealth. 

Inside The Wealth Code you rewire & ground your nervous system to: 


Dissolve shame, fear & guilt to release your system from low grade frequencies that are not aligned to wealth 


Break out of the reactivity & dysregulation you feel around money so you can have a peaceful relationship to wealth and feel fully supported by money


Master receiving so that more money coming in feels internally safe for you to hold & spend as you desire. 


Exist in overflow & blast through upper limits so you are able to move away from receiving money “sometimes” and only up to a certain point, and instead become the woman whose experience with money is more than enough as the standard. 


This is what it means to have your system be recoded for wealth. 

On the other side you feel:

  • Safe because receiving large amounts of money is natural to you 

  • Moving money is a neutral experience for you, like brushing your teeth

  • Solid because you trust yourself with money & trust money to move for you

  • Relaxed to buy what you love because you are grounded in receiving so it replenishes quickly 

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