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Wealth Recode

It's time to recode your nervous system to feel safe with wealth.


Wealth Recode is for those of you who are ready to do the deep rewiring of your nervous system when it comes to wealth. This is not affirmations, this is not just a reprogramming track, this is changing the way your brain and nervous system responds to wealth. 

The thing about wealth is that your nervous system has to feel safe to hold it, and this will happen at every level. And when you know how to expand your nervous system to hold more you are able to keep expanding.

If you feel “stuck” when it comes to wealth, your nervous system may not actually feel safe to receive that higher level because of deep conditioning and programming you’ve picked up, fears and more. 

In order to break the ceiling when it comes to wealth, your nervous system can’t be in fight or flight, it can’t freak out. It has to be so landed in your body that there is no emotional attachment to it. This is the work we do inside Wealth Recode.

When you change the way your nervous system responds to wealth, you change your ability to receive it, hold it, grow it & flow it. 


Your subconscious mind runs the show because it is what dictates your nervous system. It runs your nervous system response. This is important because you can use your conscious mind to do affirmations all day long, but they won’t stick if your subconscious mind is in survival when it comes to wealth, It will be like throwing spaghetti at a wall. And your subconscious runs 95% of the show.

So no wonder it's not working, you're working with the 5% when you should be working with the 95% 

Challenges you may be facing

You feel like you are on a rollercoaster with your relationship with wealth; up and down cycles of scarcity and lack. 

You know about lack and scarcity but it’s like your brain can’t help but be stuck on it, it seems like it’s “not working”

You want to feel the joy & bliss behind wealth but it tends to be dependant on how much money you make


What survival mode with wealth looks like.

  • Making choices based on money alone.

  • Working because you have to, not because you want to. 

  • Saving money from a place of fear, rather than self-love. 

  • You tell yourself it's irresponsible to buy things that don't make you smarter or richer.

  • Making enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you currently have, without questioning having another lifestyle. 

  • Logging in to bank account in fear, rather than excitement. 

  • Victimizing yourself.

  • Shaming others with money.

  • “There’s just never enough”

  • Operating from the victim

What survival mode with wealth sounds like:

  • I can’t afford it

  • I don't understand money

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • You have to work hard to make more money

  • There’s not enough money

  • Perhaps my family is right, maybe I should go out and get a real job.

  • I can’t do that because I don’t have the money

  • I have to choose between what I love and making money

  • I have to choose love or money

  • Money is evil

  • I feel off my purpose focusing on making money

  • I never make enough money because I don’t sign up for the right programs

  • I’m not lucky

It's time to break out of survival mode with wealth and bring safety into abundance of all kinds.

Wealth is not about the money, it's the freedom wealth allows you to do.


To act from desire. Whether that's supporting a local business, hiring a team, treating friends and family, flying first class, donating to causes you're passionate about, fuelling your body with nourishing food. And everything in between.

It's is far beyond just a money value.Because when you heal your relationship with wealth that ripples into all the different areas of your life. Your wealth of love, bliss, joy, freedom, relationships and more.

So yes, healing my relationship with wealth allows you to make more money, but it also allows a hell of a lot more.

Wealth is your birthright, and you were born wealthy. You just picked up stories and structures along the way that told you lies about how the world works and you took on as truth.


And they are so deeply ingrained, so much part of your coding and DNA. And you might be saying: "But I've done the work".


But, if you are still dealing with the same issues around feeling truly wealthy, you haven't gotten to the root and recoded it into your brain to change the frequency you exist at.

You Need






The Vibe...

We are changing the lens through which you view the world. If you view the world through a lens of scarcity & lack, everything is not enough. And when your brain is in survival mode with wealth, not just money, wealth in all the ways, it seeks out and looks for lack to protect you.


What we are doing is recoding your nervous system for wealth so you can notice and FEEL the wealth that is around you in all the ways.


It is that heart exploding blissful feeling. And that comes NOT just from the material. It is an inner state that is not based on the conditions of the outside.

This is for you if you’re ready to: 

  • Recode your nervous system to feel safe with wealth (of all kinds) by dissolving the emotions & limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Break out of the loop of lack & scarcity by changing how your mind responds to wealth & how to stay in this frequency no matter what

  • Understand why lack & scarcity occurs + the blocks that create it & how to prevent it

  • Receive high level support & next level activations that will shift your entire relationship with wealth + how to embody this moving forward

  • Release past life & generational trauma with wealth + anchor in a new structure of abundance

  • Be the one who leads wealth & become a magnet to receive in overflow 

What You'll Experience:

  • Potent LIVE trainings that will shift how your nervous system responds & interacts with wealth 

  • 5 LIVE brain recoding calls that will break your nervous system out of the cycles and patterns of lack & scarcity 

  • Next level understanding of what it truly means to exist at a frequency of wealth (of all kinds). 

  • A Telegram channel where you can plug in for support, so that the concepts & healings can be integrated even deeper. 

  • Lifetime access to all recordings.

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