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A powerful space for powerful women to heal, activate and shift their frequency so they can step into greater alignment

Powerful healing for the powerful woman.


This space is for you to activate and shift the energy in your body so you can step into greater alignment. You already know the power behind healing your frequency. When you shift, that energy is palpable, you can feel it. It is a full body yes. 


And giving yourself this on a monthly basis is what Sacred Codes is for.  It is for the women who are craving a way they can show up each month and receive a channeled activation for what they need, with personal support. 


There are Sacred Codes within you, within your soul, within your energetic body.

Sacred Codes Sign Up
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Every month you are going to have new codes activated within you. Think about it like each month unlocking new levels and new upgrades. And because it is such an intimate space the codes I download for you are for YOU. 


If you desire to: 

+ Receive energy healing every single month so you can clean up your field & step into alignment 

+ Plug in to get personal support that will allow you to expand to that next level 

+ Activate the unique codes that are already within you to step into a higher version of you

+ Receive activations every month to unlock new levels & upgrades 

+ Be in a space where you can be in receiving mode & nourish your energetic capacity. 

This is the place for you. 


Your monthly energetic maintenance

  • Sacred Codes Monthly

    Every month
    • LIVE Monthly Activation & Healing Call
    • LIVE Monthly Q&A call
    • Private Telegram Community to connect with other members
    • Personalized healing & feedback
    • Access to the library of activations & healings

We are energetic beings as much as we are physical beings. And so what if we talked about the energetic DNA in our system and the light codes that exist within us. These light codes are limitless potential. It is the “junk” DNA thats not so much junk and more unlocked potential. 

When you activate these codes within you, then you are able transcend and unlock into your becoming. You are able to shift and embody your higher self energy into everyday life. 

So what if you were to choose to honor your energetic body and embrace the codes that have been given to you. 


What if you choose to live them from the inside out. 


This is what Sacred Codes does, it turns on the lights and activates what’s within us. 


As we become more cosmic, more of who we really are, and align with the divine nature of our soul, we remember that we are love. And we gain access to miracles.


By working with our unique codes, it creates quantum space in our cellular biology for the crystalline light of our higher self to integrate into our quantum reality. 


This is the activation of our light codes, they come to life. And from there we have a new awareness of who we really are. It is a powerful shift in consciousness, one that forever alters our perception of self, others and life.

If you’re a powerful woman, then this is the container for you because you get to bring yourself into greater alignment each month and create magic. 


Think codes for love, wealth, health, abundance and more

What’s included: 

+ LIVE monthly activations to support you in your healing & expansion 

+ LIVE monthly Q&A call to give you personalized support & hot search coaching 

+ Next level conversations that will normalize new levels for you 

+ Community of powerful women to not only connect with but learn from as well. 

+ Access to the library of activations from previous months that you can play on demand.


NEXT LIVE Q&A CALL IS: July 20th, 5:30pm EST

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