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For the woman who is ready to build uncircumstantial personal power.
Who I am is not circumstantial. My power doesn’t shift based on external circumstances
I don’t only have personal power when things are good (aka when it’s easy to). 
I have personal power, no matter what. I truly believe this is a superpower. 
And my ability to have uncircumstantial power is one of the reasons I am where I am today. In life and ESPECIALLY in business. 
But it hasn’t always been this way. 
I had to build solid personal power, where I no longer gave it away to people & circumstance.
And now I am going to teach you to do the same.
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For the woman who is ready to build uncircumstantial personal power.
This is truly changing the game when it comes to building uncircumstantial personal power. Your nervous system will never be the same.
We will be covering everything to become unstoppable in your personal power. So you don’t waver or wobble. Goodbye to people pleasing, inability to speak your truth, unable to set boundaries etc. 
For the woman who is ready to build uncircumstantial personal power. Who knows, she is ready to become unstoppable and wants the blueprint to get there.

This is so much more than a program; it’s about BEING the woman with the audacity.
When you build personal power you longer:
  • Waver in who you are, because you have audacity

  • Have trouble speaking your truth

  • Struggle with gut issues, fatigue, anxiety or thyroid issues

  • Run on a rollercoaster of external circumstance dictating how you feel.

  • Absorb the frequency in the room, instead you emit your own

  • Place your value in something external to you 

  • Drop into fear & doubt, dysregulating your nervous system 

  • People please & struggle to set boundaries 

  • Feel victim to your life, instead you know you are a creator of it

  • Walk into a room & immediately dull who you are

What to expect inside Power:
  • How to break out of the wounding, trauma & conditioning that creates circumstantial personal power 

  • Building the audacity to have rock solid confidence & speak your truth 

  • Dissolving physical symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, bloating, IBS & thyroid issues that are linked to lack of personal power in the nervous system

  • Releasing the fears & doubt that keeps your nervous system on a rollercoaster & triggers the fight or flight response 

  • Being able to set boundaries with ease & no longer people please 

  • How to not dip in your power, no matter the circumstance & be the one emitting your own power 

  • Dissolving the feeling of being a victim of your life & how to anchor being the creator of it, taking your power back.

What you'll experience inside:
  • LIVE calls with powerful releases of emotions & trauma stored in your nervous system blocking you from your personal power 

  • Q&A time where you can plug in for personal support, so that the concepts & healings can be integrated even deeper. 

  • A space where you will be activated into your power & remember who the hell you are

  • Practical integration so you know exactly how to embody a nervous system with solid personal power 

  • Lifetime access to all recording so you can continue to stay plugged in

This is for you if you desire:
  • To rewire your nervous system from stuck emotions & trauma so you can anchor in personal power 

  • A life beyond just clearing your symptoms, what it means to be the woman with the audacity 

  • The exact processes & methods to building uncircumstantial personal power, so you don’t dip in it ever again 

  • To be the one emitting their own frequency, instead of absorbing others & their projections 

  • To end the rollercoaster of external circumstance dictating how you feel & instead have a strong sense of self.

  • To no longer feel victim to your life & take back your power as being the creator of it

  • A nervous system that is unstoppable & doesn’t drop into fears and doubt.

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