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The 8 week mastermind 


You’re ready to go all in & know the next level in your business requires a space that is next level. 

You know it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You’re ready to be zoomed in and double down on what your business needs to expand and build momentum in 2024


You’re ready to play bigger…

It’s time to pull up a seat at the table.

Play Bigger is for you if you are ready to be dialed in on the shifts energetically & strategically to expand your business in a way that feels light & relaxed. 


You love what you do, and you are DAMN good at it

You have insane results, your clients have insane results 

And you know this is only the beginning.


You’re ready for the next level in your business. 

You’re ready to bring in more ease.

You’re ready to step into multi 5- figure months CASH as the standard 

You’re ready to go there with speed

You’re ready to PLAY BIGGER

You can’t clearly see the shifts energetically & strategically that will get you there without it feeling like a drain to your system


You know you aren’t making the amount of money you are MEANT to make. You should easily be making 2X, 3X the amount you’re making.


You want the nonlinear results, and so you are willing to play in the non linear. You know it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. 


I had my first 10K week in the first 30 days 

The first 20K month within first 3 months 

The first 40K month in first 7 months 

The first 70K month in year 2.


And all of this through the lens of feeling light & relaxed. Where it is not only sustainable but continues to GROW.


When you master the energetics with a strategy that doesn’t have you pushing or forcing, that doesn’t have you throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it will stick…EVERYTHING CHANGES

This was not by accident. This is on purpose. Your business doesn't need to cost you your peace, you just need the strategy & energetics to scale in a way that feels light & relaxed


Energetics at this level are not simply “tap into the magic” or “hold the energy” so things fall from the sky. 


It’s about what refinements & shifts are required to operate at that level and what this tangibly looks like in your business.

Solid AF energetics with the strategy to match 🚀. 

You're here for growth that doesn’t “make sense”, unless you actually look that there was specific energetics & strategy to get there😉. 

Imagine coming out of PLAY BIGGER

🚀Running your business from a calm & relaxed place

🚀Receiving more money & more clients with EASE

🚀The structure of your business is sustainable & scaling feels LIGHT

🚀An overflow of capacity for business & life, you flow without pressure

🚀Multi 5-figure cash months are the standard

In Play Bigger you receive the learning & mentorship that allowed me to collapse time in my business and build a 7 figure company in under 3 years. This is an intimate close proximity space where I am deep inside your energy, your business & your offers to give you personalized support to get you where you want to go in 2024. 
I’ll also be taking you through the specific things that come up at each level so you can not only dissolve them for where you are at, but so you can be aware of them BEFORE they even come up. 
What else you’ll receive:
🚀8 X weekly coaching & training calls 
🚀8 weeks of potent & powerful mentorship 
🚀Telegram support 
🚀Private call with pay in full.
Inside Play Bigger we are focused on the refinements that will move the needle in your business and give you results FAST. 
Truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know. Having eyes are on your business to uncover the blindspots that are keeping you from more money & more impact will feel like a sigh of RELIEF. 
Like a “thank god, that’s what’s going on” and from there we move into solution frequency so business feels easier. YUM. 
This is why in my world we master your energetics with the right strategy for you to maximize your business in a way that is light & relaxed. The energetics do the heavy lifting.

​Mastering the energetics with money to be able to collapse time around receiving more with ease 


Optimizing strategy that feels relaxed so scaling is LIGHT to the system 

Nervous system expansion to normalize new levels 

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