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Receiving a man who leads and creating a relationship that nourishes your soul

Land The Man is for

For every single woman reading this, I want you to have a relationship that nourishes your soul.

Where you feel so held, so supported and like it's better than you could have ever dreamed of.

If you're ready to receive a man that leads in a way that feels so delicious, where your feminine melts and soaks up every minute, then this program is for you. 

Because the truth is, you deserve a relationship that is HOT. That lights a passion inside you. That is steamy, with the polarity that leaves a fire ignited within. 

You get to have it all. You get to have the relationship of your dreams and the man of your dreams. 

Engagment-photos-b picks-25.jpg

A Three Part Series

Part 1:

☾ Blocks to why you can’t receive a man who leads 

☾ Communication


Part 2:

☾ Stop mothering him: emasculation

☾ Creating polarity


Part 3:

☾ Manifesting & attracting him in

☾ Attachment styles & nervous system

☾ Trusting him to lead & letting go of control

Get ready for a shift

"So just wanted to share a story - The craziest (but should have been expected) thing happened literally the day after the first "Land the Man" call, and the only way I can justify it is what I learned in the call.

I travel for work, so a lot, and very very rarely, do I get asked if want help. And it happened on each portion of my trip all day! I was shocked that I was not only receiving this help from random men but also so quickly after mentally trying to change my thoughts based on the call - I've never seen action this fast, and I think it's because I was so open and willing this time as opposed to the past."

Introducing Land The Man

Land The Man


One Time Payment

  • Lifetime access to Land the Man, along with any updates to the program in the future

  • Learn how to powerfully communicate your needs

Land The Man + Goddess Bundle


One Time Payment

  • Lifetime access to Land the Man and Goddess Activation along with any updates to the programs in the future

  • Learn how to powerfully communicate your needs

  • Resources: tappings, meditations, reprogramming, PDFs

Land The Man
  • What is your background?
    After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology I went on to pursue a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. This allows me to bring together my love of food and nutrition with other natural healing modalities in order to get people feeling their best and truly living their best life.
  • How can I work with you
    I offer 1:1 consulting to tackle any of your specific health goals. We are able to work closely together to develop a tailored and strategic plan to get you feeling and looking your best. I also have a program, Well Nourished, which teaches you how to learn to nourish your body from the inside out to transform your health.
  • How can I collaborate with you?
    I love collaborating with brands and companies who are passionate about nourishing others and encouraging them to live well! Feel free to email me at
  • Can I work with you 1:1?
    Yes! I do take on a small number of 1:1 clients who are interested in working closely with me to transform their health. Head to this page to apply (LINK).
  • Do I get lifetime access to your program?
    Yes! And as I continue to add new things to the program, like recipes, videos etc, you get access to those as well. You also get access to the private Facebook group where we support each other.
  • Is this a diet?
    This is not a diet, it is not a meal plan, it is a way of living. It is about teaching you how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle long term.
  • Do you follow a strict diet?
    Truth be told, I don’t believe in labels, I believe in eating food that nourishes your body instead of harming it. That being said, all my recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free and grain free for that purpose.
  • Where do you get your kitchen supplies?
    Amazon is a great place to get not only kitchen supplies, but also pantry staples, supplements and more. Head to my shop page to check out my favourites (LINK).
  • Can I substitute ingredients?
    You can! However I am unable to guarantee if the recipe will turn out. Each recipe is developed using those ingredients and measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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