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The foundational program to align your nervous system body & feel your best


What if I gave you everything you needed to build a healthy lifestyle and nourish your nervous system? Right from the basics? I know how hard it is to sort through all of the overwhelming amounts of information out there, spending hours of your time trying to put together pieces of information and recipes all over the place.

Introducing Healthier You

The foundational program is built to teach you the essential principles you need to thrive in a healthier version of yourself. I want to equip you with everything you need to be a healthier you. I’ve seen how hard it is to follow program after program and never finding what sticks. Say goodbye to living an inconsistent healthy life.


I’ve gathered 12+ hours worth of modules, workbooks and resources that will teach you how to eat in a way that nourishes your nervous system by balancing hormones & blood sugar and heals your gut. It also includes how to start to do the emotional work on your health

I want you to know how to eat and nourish your life in a way that supports your nervous system, blood sugar, gut and brain, Healthier You is here to make you feel confident that you not only understand how your body works but why it works that way. This program will teach you how to train your mind to make these changes and stick to them. 

In order to have sustainable changes you need a solid foundation. 


This is for the women who scroll through the inspirational and vibey health and wellness content on Instagram and TikTok, wondering how to be “that girl”. Constantly saving tidbits of advice and trying to figure out how to piece it together. 

If you feel like it is a full body yes to understanding how we can take all of these small pieces of information to become a lifestyle and way of being then this is for you.

DSC01396 (1).jpg

One of the questions I most often get asked is how I can eat and live in a way that regulates my nervous system? And it can be overwhelming with all the information out there, which is why I have created Healthier You.
It is going to break down for you the foundations you need in order to thrive in your health and live well. These essential principles are what is going to allow you to become a healthier you.


Meet Liv

My philosophy when it comes to food is that every time you eat, you have the opportunity to nourish your body. Food goes beyond calories, it is the most powerful tool to change your health and change your life. 


I help people transform their health inside and out so that they can feel their best and thrive in their life. I use my background in Naturopathic Medicine to empower you with the knowledge of how to nourish your body in a satisfying and delicious way while helping to bring your body into balance. I combine deep emotional healing with the physical healing you need to transform your health and your life.

“I was the girl who counted calories, who measured, tracked, even counted out how many almonds to eat. I would stand there frustrated that I was bloated after every single meal, despite eating what I thought was healthy. I was ordering a salad, with no dressing, when going out to eat, or if I "allowed" myself to eat anything more, then I was at the gym trying to burn it off. Because that's the only way I knew how. Yet no matter how much I did I still was not happy with what I saw in the mirror, and even worse, my body didn't feel good either. From being exhausted to bloated and breaking out. I was anxious all the time, irritable from being so undernourished, and honestly just miserable. And it became this vicious cycle because the worse it got, the harder I would try, the more I would restrict and the more I would workout. But then, I decided enough was enough. I deleted that app that I clung so tightly to that told me what I was allowed to eat that day. I stopped counting calories and I started counting nutrients, and slowly but surely, I not only felt better, but I finally got the health and body that I had chased after for so long. I was finally nourishing my body the way it needed me to all those years in a way that allowed it to feel amazing inside and out. That allows me to enjoy delicious food, go out with friends without overthinking, and replace tears with a smile when I look in the mirror. All still while having the health and body I envisioned.”

"I have been told by family, friends and even my neighbor that I'm looking leaner. And that is really encouraging.

I can proudly say that I haven't been bloated since eating the nourished formula. And another plus is I have never IN MY LIFE pooped this consistently! Those are big wins for me."

"It helped me learn the importance of eating healthy, and it’s changed my perspective to wanting to eat healthy out of love and not punishment. I stopped focusing so much on how much I weigh but more in the nutrients I’m getting. It’s also helped me control cravings and find healthy alternatives to foods I love."

"I feel like I am more in control and am able to make better choices and be present to understand consequences of choices that are not so great. This helps me make better choices and feel more confident and sexy!"

The Results


Healthier You is the program for you if you want to FINALLY:

  • Eat in a way that not only tastes delicious but nourishes your nervous system, balances your hormones & blood sugar, and heals your gut.

  • Eliminate cravings and feel at peace around food so you no longer want to inhale everything.

  • Build a sturdy foundation to gain confidence in creating sustainable long-term lifestyle changes.

  • Have skin that is clear and glowing, and you don't feel the need to wear makeup, even when you leave the house.

  • Have freedom and flexibility to enjoy life while still having the body and health you want. 

  • Enjoy DELICIOUS food that nourishes your body- without counting calories.

  • No longer worry about the calories in food but instead enjoy the meal for what it is. 

  • Have a greater love for yourself and your body.

Wouldn't it be nice if the body and health that you imagined were no longer just a vision? It was just how you woke up in the morning…

Gone are the days of scrolling Instagram or TikTok, wishing you were THAT girl. Wishing that eating for your body just came naturally to you. This foundational program will teach you the main pillars of eating healthy in a way that creates lifelong habits.

 There's a reason you're not getting the results you want. But that's about to change. We are here to live a healthy life in a delicious and satisfying way that allows you to feel amazing in your body while nourishing your nervous system.

Module One


Module Two


Module Three


Module Four


Module Five


Module Six


Module Seven


Module Eight


Module Nine


Module Ten NEW REGULATE Masterclass!


All the strategies and tips to embody a regulated nervous system as a lifestyle with ease.


Are you ready to build the healthy life of your dreams?

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